Spotlight On Vinnie 
Image 2: Peter McNeeley and Vinnie Vecchione

Peter McNeeley's boxing career is a team effort and this website would not be complete without acknowledging the contributions of Vinnie Vecchione.   Vinnie forms the other half of the nucleus of Team Hurricane.   He has been Peter's manager and trainer since Pete's last amateur fight and also fills several other roles in the organization, functioning as coach, cornerman, and full business partner. The bond between fighter and trainer is unusually strong - Vinnie is a second father to Peter and also his best friend.

The Tyson-McNeeley bout made Vinnie Vecchione one of the most well-known managers in the fight game.   In 1995 he was recognized by the Boxing Writer's Association as the sport's Manager of the Year for his expert guidance of Peter's career.   Ironically, he is generally underrated as a trainer.

Image 1: Peter McNeeley and Vinnie Vecchione

The no-nonsense Vecchione comes across as being tough as nails (and he is!) but no manager I've ever seen gives more or works harder for his fighters.   He's an interesting guy and he has definitely experienced a lot in his years on the boxing scene.   Don't take my word for it - the following link points to an article from the Boston Herald that Peter selected:   My Manager Vinnie.   Be sure to check out the story behind Vinnie's pro boxing debut!

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