Yes, we get mail - lots of it, in fact. In this section we'll post some messages of general interest that we've received, along with Peter's responses.

One topic that needs to be addressed upfront is autographed photo requests. Pete gets absolutely swamped by these, and for years he did his best to accomodate. Unfortunately it has become too time-consuming and costly to continue. Anybody looking to purchase photos should contact the Land of Legends website. They currently have some great shots of Pete in action against Tyson. Prices are very reasonable - you can probably pick up something for under $10.

Got a question of your own? Don't be shy - write it up and send it our way.

Name: Erik (EA29OLB@aol.com)

From: Minnesota
Message:  Peter, I've been a HUGE fan long before you fought Mike Tyson and am pumped to hear you are back in action.   One thing I've never been able to find out: what is the name of the song you had playing when you came into the ring against Tyson?   Something like "This is an English Song" were the chorus words.   Myself and two buddies absolutely love it and would very much like to get the single if it's available.   Thanks a ton!   Good luck and keep training hard. Your fan club in Minnesota is pulling for you!!

PeteReply from Peter:  Hi, Erik.   Quite a few people have asked about this.   The title is "The Angry Song", and the chorus is actually This is an ANGRY song, not English.   It was recorded by Whirling Vertigo, a band originally from my hometown of Medfield, MA - a great group of guys I grew up with who have been close friends for years. Unfortunately, I don't think any of their stuff is currently available commercially but if you click on the above link you can download an MP3 sound clip.   Thanks for writing.

Name: Jeff Macklin (Jmacklin259@aol.com) From: Edinboro, PA
Message:  Mr. McNeeley, my name is Jeff and I am 13 years old.   I just started to take boxing lessons this year.   I think you are an awesome boxer.   I watch every fight you have when it is televised.   I think you could beat Lennox Lewis if he would give you a chance.   Do you have any advice to help me become a better boxer and maybe follow in your footsteps?   Thank you for helping make boxing such a great sport!

Pete Reply from Peter:  Hey buddy, it was really great to get your e-mail!   I hope all is going well and you are training hard.   If you want to be a fighter, the best thing you can do is run and box daily.   Your body has to recover so be sure to take at least one day off a week for rest.   Always keep your hands up for defense, it's critical.   Chin down, keep your body to the side - don't square off.   Always work that jab!!   It's your key punch.   Sleep good and eat right.   Try to eat something an hour before you run or train.   I graduated from high school and college.   You have to have an education to be a smart boxer!   And most important of all: never mess with booze or drugs!!   I know cuz I did, and it was the worst mistake of my life!!   Now I'm living a clean life, one day at a time.   Well, do this and you are already a champ in my book!!   GOD BLESS AND KEEP PUNCHING.

Name: Katey Richards (katsmeow@excite.com) From: Santa Monica, CA
Message:  That commercial you made for Pizza Hut a few years back is absolutely hilarious.   It still comes on TV every so often and is one of the few commercials I will actually sit down and watch!   Any plans to do something like that again?   You seem to be a natural (and so cute when the slice of pizza knocked you out - ha, ha!)   Maybe it's just a California thing, but it seems like everybody wants to go Hollywood!   Any lingering acting aspirations or are you interested strictly in athletics at this stage?

PeteReply from Peter:  Thanks, Katey.   The commercial was a lot of fun to do - and it paid pretty well, too!!   I also did one for America Online around the same time.   As for doing another ad - or acting in general - let's just say any offers that come my way will be seriously considered!!

We've had several requests for it, so here is a link to a video clip of the full Pizza Hut commercial.   It's a fairly large file (6.74 MB) so it may take awhile to download.   Click once to start playback.


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